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When approached to join the dynamic team behind E=mc², Nici Daly was enticed by their vision to bring the Finnish Early Childhood Development Model to South Africa.

Nici has always been passionate about Early Childhood Development and after completing her studies at Rhodes University went on to further her education at Barkly House Cape Town, which in association with UCT exposed her to the implementation of a holistic educational plan for the early years. 

She believes that a holistic education, focusing on a child's curiosity and creativity, that is implemented through a play-based curriculum, is indeed the way that children learn best. She brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge after having taught at some of the most forward-thinking private schools in Johannesburg. She was Headmistress at a large Pre-school for a number of years. Nici has been involved in teacher training and shares her extensive knowledge on ECD education with a great enthusiasm with colleagues and parents alike.

Nici is most excited about the fact that the team behind her will be engaged in furthering their knowledge a comprehensive online teaching programme through the Helsinki University in Finland.

In order to implement a play-based curriculum, it is crucial that the school provides provocations and different settings to encourage constructive play. Our school has been meticulously planned to encourage this. Our equipment has been carefully sourced to promote open-ended play in the most calming environment.

‘Play isn’t the easy route! It’s complicated, complex, and often difficult to watch unfold. It takes patience and a level of skill to allow a child to truly lead their own learning.’ Sally Wright.


our story

werner & christina

The journey of E=mc² started with the vision Christina and Werner had to contribute to a more sustainable future for our planet. With their strong belief that education is the most powerful tool to make that change, they started their research for the best educational model in the world.


Christina grew up in a small town in the beautiful countryside of Bavaria, Germany. She comes from a family of teachers and is passionate about education. Christina is a veterinary specialist for heart diseases in horses and shares her knowledge with the next generation of veterinarians as a university lecturer.

Werner born and raised in Port Elizabeth has always had deep appreciation for our oceans. As a seafarer and adventurer, he has travelled the world experiencing many different cultures, people and ways of living. Werner was fascinated by the results different models of education have on the way people live their lives.

After spending several years in the Nordic European countries, Werner and Christina recognized that the success of the Nordic countries stems from their excellent educational model. Teaching a sustainable way of living is included in all levels, starting in early childhood education where a nurturing educational environment lays the foundations for future learning. When Christina and Werner returned to South Africa to spend their lives together in Port Elizabeth, they recognized the need to take action and implement an educational model that encouraged a sustainable way of living. To ensure a better future for South Africa we need to start with our most precious asset - our future generation.  

E=mc² is committed to provide our children with the best education for their future. 

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